Google Go IDE homepage

This is the homepage of the go-ide. It's an Integrated Development Environment for the Google Go language. It's built as a plugin for the Intellij IDEA platform and distributed here as a complete package.

What is this ?

It's an IDE for the Google Go language.

It was developed as a plugin for the Intellij IDEA Community platform. We strive to build a complete IDE to allow you to develop Go code with the same ease and flow as Java on the same platform.

The latest plugin version is: 0.4.2

What can it do ?

  • Code parsing and highlighting
  • Code folding and brace maching
  • Comment/Uncomment (Single/Multiple line) support
  • Understand the various go installations layouts (go release, gophers/PPA release for ubuntu)
  • Partial code completions (functions, methods, types, structure)
  • Build projects (internal build system or using gomake)
  • Code navigation (Go To definition for types, GoToClass)
  • gofmt based Code formatting - (only when called with Ctrl + Alt + L)
  • Show a go file structure
  • Go aware imports optimizer (experimental)

What it will do ?

  • Google App Engine support
  • goinstall support
  • Code refactorings
  • Code inspections
  • Quick fixes

Author: Mihai Claudiu Toader | Date: 03 Jan 2014