Changes since 0.10.1137 (11.02.2016)

This release introduces compatibility with IDEA 2016.1 and long-expected vendoring experiment support.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


First of all, the plugin now supports IDEA 2016.1 and all IDEs based on this release version.

Also, this is the last update compatible to IDEA 14.1 and all IDEs based on 141.* builds.


With the new version the plugin now supports the Go 1.5 Vendoring Experiment. This means that all imports from vendored packages will be resolved properly. Auto-import quick fix and package completion are also working corresponding to vendoring experiment rules now. Moreover, completion lists are less polluted since the symbols defined in unreachable vendored packages are excluded.

Internal Packages

Internal package are supported in the same way as vendoring. The special inspection now highlights invalid usages of internal package and unreachable internal packages are filtered out from completion list.

Rerun Failed Tests

Another new feature is the ability to Rerun Failed Tests:

Test function name completion and auto-import while generating tests

Besides the above changes, the release contains several bugfixes related to imports and resolution algorithm.

A list of all changes

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