Changes since 0.11.1236 (28.03.2016)

To install the plugin, visit the readme.

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements. It contains fixes in resolution algorithms and in running tests mechanism.

Read/Write access

New inspections and quick fixes

In this release, the part which is responsible for detecting read/write access to variables was completely rewritten. Based on this the new inspection _ used as value inspection is introduced and added new Replace with ':=' quick fix for unresolved variables with write access.

Improved inspections and quick fixes

Also Introduce constants quick fix won’t be suggested for unresolved variables with write access and Cannot assign to constant catches more cases now.

Find usages grouping

Grouping by read/write access in find usages works more accurate as well.

Run configurations

Now you can see real GOROOT and GOPATH values which are used during compilation and running your application. Also, now there is an easy way to restart run configuration after compilation error.


For a list of all changes in the plugin, you can visit this page.

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