Changes since 0.10.740 (20.11.2015)

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


IDEA 16 EAP support is introduced Go 1.6 SDK is supported


Thanks to @stuartcarnie now we have a syntax highlighting for Plan9 files

Inspections & QuickFixes

  • Report a warning for exported variables and constants in multi-spec declarations and suggest to extract it

  • Suggest to delete unused constants and variables

  • Report a error on missing key in map literal

  • Report a error on not an expression function argument

  • Report a error on types used as expressions

  • Report a error about missing argument conversion

  • Highlight unused constants


  • Less polluted completion list: iota only inside constant declarations, deleted self-assignments and some keywords
  • Add more foldings for if/else/for/switch/select statements
  • Show constant value on Ctrl+Hover

  • Various fixes of resolving, types inferring, quick documentation feature, formatting

  • Proper completion and resolving for break statements

For a list of all changes in the plugin, you can visit this page.

Develop with pleasure!