Changes since 0.9.550 (30.09.2015)

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


  • Inline Debugger
  • Better representation of arrays and slices in watches
  • Evaluate expressions on Alt+Click and Alt+F8
  • Navigate to type sources from watches (Ctrl+F4)


  • supports indented blocks
  • shows links in documentation
  • shows links to type’s documentation in function signature
  • able to open documentation at godoc.org via External documentation action
  • shows function signature on ctrl+hover


  • now it’s possible to run Example-functions
  • coverage is running in atomic mode, so you can check coverage for test running with the -race flag


  • Validating StructTags. IDE will raise warnings if it detects a tag value that does not conform to the Go StructTag convention
  • Report a warning about defer inside loop
  • Report an error on continue outside loop
  • Report an error when using assignment instead of comparison in if statements


  • Highlight exit point for function you’re staying on
  • Added configurable Go file template (File | Settings | Editor | File and Code Templates)

For a list of all changes in the plugin, you can visit this page.

Develop with pleasure!