Changes since 0.11.1288 (11.04.2016)

This release brings in almost 200 commits that touch almost all the areas of the plugin from adding functionality to performance improvements.



  • Create Function quick-fix is now available! It suggests to create a function with the appropriate types or with the interface{} types if the original types are not allowed to be used.
  • New Move statement up (Cmd-Shift-Up) and Move statement down (Cmd-Shift-Down) actions
    for variable declarations and for block statements.
  • \n will now be correctly inserted when you add a new line.
  • Complete statement action (Cmd+Shift+Enter) has been improved.
  • With the new icons on the editor gutter you can now easily run applications and tests.
  • New Surround with action (Alt-Cmd-T on OS X or Ctrl-Alt-T on Windows and Linux).
  • New Unwrap action (Shift-Cmd-Backspace on OS X or Ctrl-Shift-Delete on Windows and Linux).
  • Implemented Fatih’s idea of completing struct tags. Completion items for tags are fully customizable on Settings | Editor | Live Templates | Go Struct Tags page.


  • Receiver types completion now contains types from current package only.
  • Function parameter info is now displayed right after you complete a function or a method name.
  • Completion for range keyword.
  • Completion for type keyword inside the blocks.

  • Improved code completion in struct literals:

    • no suggested field names when value initializer is used;
    • no suggested values when field:value initializer is used;
    • shows only unassigned fields in the code completion popup.


  • A new inspection now highlights redundant declarations and provides corresponding cleanup actions.
  • Another new inspection now warns you if the iterations on pointer to slices are not valid.
  • The Placeholder count inspection is now valid for Logf, Skipf, Errorf, and Fatalf.
  • The Defer inspection now has a quick-fix to convert functions to function calls.


  • Delve now supports passing parameters on Windows.
  • A new version of Delve fixes an issue with the race condition that was causing skipping breakpoints when debugging from the IDE.
  • Lots of internal improvements in Delve.


  • Improved performance of code completion, unused inspections and find usages actions.
  • The auto-import completion now uses less memory.
  • Improved type calculation for nested types.
  • Code completion for Live templates is now disabled inside the comments.
  • The plugin won’t nag you about the wiki page every time you install a new version.
  • A new Darcula-based editor theme is now available.
  • Improved output of passed tests.
  • The Introduce variable refactoring now suggests names based on expression type that are used.

Many other changes and fixes have been introduced to increase the overall stability, functionality, and performance of the plugin.

For a full list of plugin changes, please visit this page

Develop with pleasure!