Changes since 0.11.1682 (13.07.2016)

This release contains several important fixes.


Changes since 0.11.1288 (11.04.2016)

This release brings in almost 200 commits that touch almost all the areas of the plugin from adding functionality to performance improvements.


Changes since 0.11.1262 (05.04.2016)

This release focuses mostly on fixes. The most critical issues which were fixed in this release are auto-importing packages from unreachable testdata directories and resolving cap expressions.

Also here are couple improvements which this release brings:

Go vet tool

go vet tool is built-in tool now and can be invoked on selected file or directory via Code | Go Tools | Go vet menu or via editor menu.

Expression Type

Show info action is reimplemented using built-in Expression Type action which is available by Alt+= (Ctrl+Shift+P on Mac) shortcut. Also it works now on variable/constant definitions.

Autoscroll from source and Navigate in… features

Since this release it’s possible to use Autoscroll form source mode in File structure tool window for go sources. Navigate to... | File Structure action works now as well.


Changes since 0.11.1236 (28.03.2016)

To install the plugin, visit the readme.

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements. It contains fixes in resolution algorithms and in running tests mechanism.

Read/Write access

New inspections and quick fixes

In this release, the part which is responsible for detecting read/write access to variables was completely rewritten. Based on this the new inspection _ used as value inspection is introduced and added new Replace with ':=' quick fix for unresolved variables with write access.

Improved inspections and quick fixes

Also Introduce constants quick fix won’t be suggested for unresolved variables with write access and Cannot assign to constant catches more cases now.

Find usages grouping

Grouping by read/write access in find usages works more accurate as well.

Run configurations

Now you can see real GOROOT and GOPATH values which are used during compilation and running your application. Also, now there is an easy way to restart run configuration after compilation error.


Changes since 0.10.1137 (11.02.2016)

This release introduces compatibility with IDEA 2016.1 and long-expected vendoring experiment support.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


First of all, the plugin now supports IDEA 2016.1 and all IDEs based on this release version.

Also, this is the last update compatible to IDEA 14.1 and all IDEs based on 141.* builds.


With the new version the plugin now supports the Go 1.5 Vendoring Experiment. This means that all imports from vendored packages will be resolved properly. Auto-import quick fix and package completion are also working corresponding to vendoring experiment rules now. Moreover, completion lists are less polluted since the symbols defined in unreachable vendored packages are excluded.

Internal Packages

Internal package are supported in the same way as vendoring. The special inspection now highlights invalid usages of internal package and unreachable internal packages are filtered out from completion list.

Rerun Failed Tests

Another new feature is the ability to Rerun Failed Tests:

Test function name completion and auto-import while generating tests


Changes since 0.10.1068 (25.01.2016)

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


In this alpha release, we have to big features.

First of all thanks to @sjamesr now it’s possible to run benchmarks right from the IDE:

And in the second, since Delve is available on Windows you can debug your applications on Windows in IDE (in plugin versions 0.10.* and 0.11.*).


Changes since 0.10.740 (20.11.2015)

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


IDEA 16 EAP support is introduced Go 1.6 SDK is supported


Thanks to @stuartcarnie now we have a syntax highlighting for Plan9 files

Inspections & QuickFixes

  • Report a warning for exported variables and constants in multi-spec declarations and suggest to extract it

  • Suggest to delete unused constants and variables

  • Report a error on missing key in map literal

  • Report a error on not an expression function argument

  • Report a error on types used as expressions

  • Report a error about missing argument conversion

  • Highlight unused constants


Changes since 0.9.550 (30.09.2015)

This release focuses mostly on fixes and improvements.

To install the plugin, visit the readme.


  • Inline Debugger
  • Better representation of arrays and slices in watches
  • Evaluate expressions on Alt+Click and Alt+F8
  • Navigate to type sources from watches (Ctrl+F4)


  • supports indented blocks
  • shows links in documentation
  • shows links to type’s documentation in function signature
  • able to open documentation at via External documentation action
  • shows function signature on ctrl+hover


  • now it’s possible to run Example-functions
  • coverage is running in atomic mode, so you can check coverage for test running with the -race flag


  • Validating StructTags. IDE will raise warnings if it detects a tag value that does not conform to the Go StructTag convention
  • Report a warning about defer inside loop
  • Report an error on continue outside loop
  • Report an error when using assignment instead of comparison in if statements